Debate - Act - Change 16-17 March 2016 Brussels (Belgium)
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Review PolyTalk 2016 and previous

Posted on April, 11 2016

What do we know about marine litter? What policies are being implemented to prevent marine litter and create a circular economy?
What is the role of the plastics industry in reducing marine litter? These and other equally challenging questions were on the agenda of PolyTalk 2016, a two-day conference organised by PlasticsEurope in Brussels on 16-17 March. With the title "Zero Plastics to the Oceans” the summit gathered more than 250 high-level representatives from the world of politics, industry, NGOs, media, science and academia to discuss solutions to marine litter.


Watch the video and check the photo gallery of PolyTalk 2016.


How can we reconcile competitiveness and sustainability policy goals in Europe? What can be done to reduce the high energy costs crippling European industry? What are the concrete steps that need to be taken in the short-term to make the long-term vision of a competitive and resource efficient Europe a reality? And what is the potential of the plastics sector to contribute to sustainable growth in a challenging economic environment?



Can we reconcile environmental and health concerns with sound science? Where lay the responsibilities of industry and politics? And how do we secure the next generation of scientists and innovators in Europe? These questions were the focus of PolyTalk 2012, the summit of the European plastics industry in Wiesbaden, Germany. 



PolyTalk'11, a Green Week 2011 satellite event, was the forum for key players to shape the success drivers for a sustainable economy in Europe.



PolyTalk’10, a major plastics industry event was intended as an innovative networking event for the plastics industry value chain to get together to discuss, decide and develop.