Debate - Act - Change 16-17 March 2016 Brussels (Belgium)
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Posted on February, 29 2016

Best prevention practices – 3 parallel speedtalk sessions

Behaviour and education, moderated by Emma Priestland (Seas at Risk)
Speaker Organisation Topic
Sue Kinsey
Marine Conservation Society
The Marine Litter Action Network; Joint Working in the UK
Henrik Beha Pedersen
Plastic Change
We need BIG solutions!
Maria Westerbos Plastic Soup Foundation Trashhunter
Eleonora Brionne
Corepla Plastics on Holiday: Don't Forget the Good Habits
Theresa Zabell Fundación Ecomar We Only Have One Planet To Live In, Let's Look After It!!
Francesca Battistelli Legambiente Plastic free sea: Legambiente's surveys, mitigation actions and awareness campaigns
Dominik Dobrowolski Recykling Reijs Rivers and seas free from waste - education on proper waste management and promotion of anti-littering behaviour
Bas Stok Plastic Whale Plastic "fishing" Amsterdam
Isabelle Poitou Mer-Terre Adopt 1 Spot Concept
Stephanie Cieplik BKV (Plastics Concepts Recovery) GmbH From Land Into the Oceans - Model For the Quantitative Estimation Of Land-Sourced Plastics Debris

Waste management and collection, moderated by Costas Velis (Leeds Academy)
Speaker Organisation Topic
Prof. Dr. Ing. Urban Kassel University
Henny de Jong Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NL) Plastics Value Chain
Stephanie Maes Waste Free Oceans River Input Model
Daniel Steadman / 
Madeleine Berg
Fauna & Flora International     FIDRA Plastic Pellet Pollution – Reputational Burden, Simple Solution, Big Opportunity
Lorenzo Cavalli
RKW Group
Zero Pellet Loss Initiative
Jochen Berrens
Operation Clean Sweep - A Company Commitment
Yavuz Eroglu PAGEV PAGEV's waste management for Marine litter prevention through PAGCEV
Hervé Millet
Zero Plastics to Landfill
Kari Korhonen
Molok® Deep Collection™ System
Bernard Le Moine
Intensive Ecological Agriculture & Circular Economy

Product innovation, moderated by Matjaz Malgaj (DG Environment)
Speaker Organisation Topic
Joao Sousa
Close the Plastic Tap / Plastic Debris - A Global Challenge
Sophie Thomas
The Great Recovery (RSA)

Waste Is A Design Flaw. How Can We Move Towards ‘Ocean Friendly Design’?
Marco Versari Novamont Biodegradable Plastics For An Integrated Waste Management Of Food Waste
Gilbert Curtessi
SuGu Club
Bert Groothuis
Designing for Sustainability
Laia Puigmal Santacreu LEITAT Innovation For Mitigating The Microplastics Impact Caused By Textile Washing Processes
Jeff Wooster DOW Product Innovations to Drive a more Circular Economy
Françoise Gerardi Elipso Innovation In Plastic Closure Serving Safety For The Consumer And The Product